Hellín has two heritage assets declared Heritage by UNESCO. In 1998 declared as World Heritage the Rock art of the Mediterranean arc of the Iberian Peninsula, of which one of the most spectacular examples is the,,es,were the,,es,Tamboradas,,es,those chosen by UNESCO to be part of the World Heritage lists,,es Under Large Minateda, y en 2018 fueron las Tamboradas of Hellín and Agramón those chosen by UNESCO to be part of the World Heritage lists, en este caso inmaterial.

With this double statement, a contest was created to create a logo that would include the logo brand “Hellin 2 Patrimonios”, that after due selection has been established as a new brand of the Hellín City Council to be used in all official documents. After the creation of this brand “Hellín 2 Heritage ”the City Council through the Tourism and Heritage Councils proposes to centralize this brand as the axis of the routes to be developed for visitors and locals.

Inside the Tamboradas, Hellín offers during Holy Week to contemplate the live show of more than 20.000 drummers dressed in their instrument, tunic and hood. Out of this celebration, The Tamborada de Hellín can be seen in the brand new MUSS, Museum of Holy Week and Tamborada "Rafael Sánchez Hortelano", with a special section dedicated to the Tamborada de Hellín, and to a lesser extent in Agramón in the Holy Week House-Museum of this district.

Inside the Cave Paintings, Minateda's Big Coat is, for its spectacularity, the number of representations -hundreds of them-, its artistic quality, and the variety of scenes, one of the best examples of Levantine rock art in the Iberian Peninsula.

It has been conveniently signposted in the urban nucleus at the request of the Department of Heritage of the Hellín City Council, which has also carried out the accessibility project to the Rock Paintings of Minateda (Large Shelter), with stepped access, poles and ropes using natural materials and the terrain itself. The convenient signaling on the A30 motorway is also awaiting.

Like other proposals, Hellín's presence will be maintained and promoted on the European cultural route "Paths of prehistoric rock art" "Cultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe" certified in 2010.

Definitely, the brand and route “Hellín 2 Patrimonios ”with these two manifestations, Levantine Rock Art and Las Tamboradas, as a fundamental axis of the tourist development of Hellín, Minateda and its environment in the coming years.

Logo Hellín 2 Patrimonios - town hall