The MUSS opens this Sunday with more than 2.000 square meters of exhibitions dedicated to Holy Week and also with all the archeology and ethnography of the city

Hellin. 19 March 2021.- Hellín will open the doors of the MUSS this Sunday, one of the largest municipal museums in all of Spain, con 2.160 square meters in a building with modern architecture that has maintained the exterior essence of the historic center. Hellín's Holy Week, declared of International Tourist Interest, will take up most of this space with images, sculptural groups and details of its two aspects, the processions and the tamboradas, while the rest of the museum will house the most important archaeological and ethnographic pieces found in the city, pictorial works and other thematic collections, permanent and temporary.

The building was completed in 2011 for the study Exit Architects after an ideas competition convened by the Hellín City Council and had a cost of 3,5 millions of euros, and it has several routes that give rise to a very attractive aesthetic. Total, Inside there will be six of the sculpture groups and mystery steps that parade at Easter with five exhibitions dedicated to her, a projection room, a recreation of a sculpture workshop, more than three hundred original pieces and replicas of an archaeological and ethnographic nature, an adaptable temporary exhibition hall, five documentary videos, fifteen interactive video screens, ten interactive teaching resources and multiple panels adapted to the demands of today's museums.

The entrance to Easter and Tamborada will be differentiated from that of the rest of the collections, in a building that has also preserved the facade of the palace of the Count of Lumiares, Antonio Pio of Savoy, popularly known as the House of the Count, located in the heart of the city, the Church Square. It is a polychrome facing dating from the 18th century, and that was rehabilitated by adding to the frontispiece a stone cladding from the local quarries that recalls the stalls of the adjacent church.

The 2.160 square meters of the MUSS, Museum of Holy Week and Tamborada "Rafael Sánchez Hortelano" are distributed between the Plant -2, which houses a temporary exhibition hall, la sala -1, permanent over the city of Hellín and the Tolmo de Minateda; plant 0, which includes the reception and the function of the Tourist Office, and the permanent exhibition dedicated to Holy Week in Hellín, under the motto "Two traditions, a Holy Week ". Plant 1 has installed a permanent exhibition on Nature and Evolution and in the Plant 2 we find a permanent exhibition on the Cultural and Ethnographic Landscape, as well as the offices of the Museum.

The councilor of Holy Week, Emilio Jose Pinar, has defined it as "a Museum for the city and a city in a museum. We are before the inauguration of a unique space that will allow the visitor to admire our most valuable pieces, and it will also be a living museum because depending on whether we are at Easter or outside of it, the sculptural groups will adapt. It is a museum that essentially collects the history of Hellín because Holy Week is the result of the evolution of the city and the natural environment in which it is found ".

The Museum will open this Sunday 21 the 12:00 hours by the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano Garcia Page.