The route of the Volcano Route Cancarix, will allow us to observe structures and geological formations of great importance, which give the area a special value and interest to assume a great worth for the inhabitants of the municipality, because it is rarely possible to see such a variety of processes and as relevant geological formations.

To start the tour, abandon the A-30 or the N-301 as it passes through Cancarix. A few 2 km are clearly visible volcanic rocks called jumillitas. It is a ultrapotásico materials, with a mineral composition that makes them unique in the world. From here you can already see the Volcanic Python Cancarix, which has a vertical escarpment very spectacular due to the prismatic columns that make up and that formed after cooling and cracking of the volcanic rock.

Following this road we stop at the place marked on your right, where we can park the vehicle. For this same road, Agramón coming from the neighborhood of the railway station and towards Cancarix, very close to this point we have. Find a path starting and divides into two branches, where we leave the car; on the right leads to the foot of the volcano.

The left branch is the one that will allow us, after an interesting journey, access to the top. It is an upward path, and goes perfectly passable flowing through pine, the mountain to the right and the ravine to the left Santo Domingo. It will then come to a point where the road disappears, and will continue to mount across the top to access.

What we'll see is the volcano crater, covered by dense vegetation typical of arid climates and selected invertebrates exist in other parts of the region. If we cross the entire plateau reach the cliff, to the top of the basalt columns that we saw from the road and where we find a geodesic. It is the best time to relax and contemplate the landscape.

Recommendations for this route.

First morning stand much better volumes that interest us to observe. It is convenient to use sneakers or mountain, hat and sunglasses. Finally, and most importantly, recalls that the Volcano is a protected area, so a special attitude of respect to the environment please.