Performed by students of the Tolman IV Employment Workshop.

Students Employment Workshop Tolmo IV were doing interesting work on developing a consistent audio tours on four tourism routes Hellin, to be made available to all who are interested from 30 November.

Through the same, and the name "Four reasons to know Hellin", Visitors can take tours that will allow them to know places and important buildings of the historic town.

These routes include:

The shadow of Alfares: Through this route you can enjoy a reunion with the history of ceramics Hellin. Stroll through the picturesque streets such as the Pottery, San Rafael, or slope Bernales, on a small prominence of the population in this neighborhood stands traditionally potter, where alfares activity achieved in all their spot light.

Museums of silence: On this route you'll see the religious and cultural heritage of Hellin. A journey that will take you through their churches and chapels Begins, located in the old part of the city that relates the religious history of the town. Enjoy the wealth of architecture as a real museum and its wordless silence that leaves everything.

The Arab Footprint: This route will make you travel back in time many centuries ago, the time when the Arabs dominated Hellin and where you can observe the Islamic marked imprint on the urban and architectural fabric of the historic town. Enjoy the layout of narrow streets and squares, the type of housing and the remains of the Almohad castle, indelible traces that have remained over time and, in this, allows to know the past of Hellin.

Houses with Memory: On this route you'll meet the most historic houses Hellin, where you'll discover a city full of architectural details and historical data with lots of famous people. It is a journey which does not want to lose detail and that you will be wanting to know much more about this beautiful city.

This service can be downloaded from this website, in "We recommend - Audioguías“.