The Junta of Communities initiated the process for declaring a Cultural village Agra colonization of Canada, Hellin.

It has issued a resolution, Directorate General of Culture, why record starts to declare a Cultural village Agra Cañada colonization in the town of Hellin (Albacete), the category of a Historic.

With this decision, this town will enjoy maximum protection and guardianship, and its use will always be subordinate to not jeopardize their preservation and their values. The Historic Preservation will not allow any change affecting the harmony of the historic.

Glen of Agra is a district of the town of Hellin in Albacete, autonomous community Castilla-La Mancha, situada a 6 Km. of Hellin, and is one of the most beautiful rural municipal assemblies.,,es,It was built as a town of colonization from,,es,and its economy is based mainly on agriculture,,es,The situation of the village on the slope of a steep slope makes us conceive of the hatched so that the roads are built upon the level curves,,es.

Fue construido como poblado de colonización a partir de 1962 by architect José Luis Fernández del Amo, y su economía está basada principalmente en la agricultura. Its core housing, It was a symbol of colonization, for the originality of its design, to adapt to the topography of the hillside on which it sits, with blocks of houses irregularly arranged in the middle of the spaces with lush greenery, with its peculiarities he received the National Award for Architecture.

Its name is due to a ravine that existed where now stands the town and a district that is 1 Km. call away Agra. La situación del pueblo en la ladera de fuerte pendiente nos hace concebir el tramado de forma que las vías de circulación se desarrollen según las curvas del nivel.

Notable for the brilliance and success in developing its architectural approach, quality in the implementation of housing and thoughtful landscaping make this town a vibrant place enjoying a good condition.

No substitutions will be accepted properties, changes in the alignments and, and general, No changes affecting the overall harmony; and secondly, original agricultural use of adjacent parcels is respected and understood with the urban core in the protective environment, shall restrict the possibilities of buildable area.

These, definitely, excellent news that will help revive tourism in this hamlet Hellinera.