Among the festivities and traditions in Hellin, We must first note the Easter (Tamborada) of Hellin, declared International Tourist Interest, celebrated in a special way in the city and with a variety of expressions that give it a particular expressive richness. This is, undoubtedly, the most important celebration, transcend far beyond the county boundaries, particularly Hellin and Agramón, already known nationally and even internationally. Here are given, as probably not happen anywhere else in Spain, the most perfect and intimate symbiosis between the two events that comprise: the processions and religious events and tamboradas. The religious and the profane have become so integrated through the centuries, would not be possible to conceive Easter two places missing one or the other.

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Corpus Christi

Se trata de una festividad celebrada cuarenta días después de Viernes Santo en la que peñas, neighbors and associations engaged in the manufacture of carpets of sawdust, filling the streets of Old Town Hellin a multicolored robe and subsequently serve to give way to the procession of Corpus Christi. Furthermore soil, the streets are decorated altars, awnings, balconies and floral arrangements that adorn the tour. Visitors can enjoy during Saturday night, Previous Corpus, how these carpets are made. Year after year, the Corpus Christi procession is escorted by children who have taken communion. The 13 June 2009 party was declared Regional Tourist Interest.

Offering to the patron

The day is done 30 May coinciding with the coronation of the Virgen del Rosario in which children, older and associations dress in the costume of Hellin and offer bouquets and flower baskets Patron. La Virgen es colocada a las puertas de la Iglesia de la Asunción, which hellineras hellineros and accessed via a small parade carrying their offerings. The 31 May tiene lugar la procesión en honor a la Patrona.

Fair and Festival in honor of the Virgen del Rosario

Fair and Festivals of Hellin, made in honor of the patron saint of the town, Virgen del Rosario, is held between the last Saturday of September and first Sunday in October. Visitors can enjoy the Open Fair in which a grand parade is done with animation for children and adults. This week offered bullfights, addition of sports, cultural and concerts for all audiences. Also noteworthy areas attractions and gear that are located in the park area and vicinity.

Day of the Cross

It is celebrated 3 May, day when families traditionally eat hiking in the countryside and it is customary for children to roam the streets with small crosses adorned with flowers made by them. Today has recovered the Pilgrimage to the Cruz de la Langosta, with the plague of locusts that devastated fields in Hellin S.XV-XVI commemorated.


Traditional festival held last Saturday the beginning of Lent (February to March), where visitors can enjoy costume contests and parades entertained by brass bands . It also has great relevance Shrove Tuesday called "San Reventón", because in homes are made hellineros traditional paparajotas con chocolate, typical product of tradition has endured since before the war.

Parties of San Rafael

The feast of the Patron of Hellin, San Rafael, held on 24 October, is marked by a series of religious ceremonies in honor of the same, as the Mass is performed in the plaza of the neighborhood that gives its name or which is held in the Church of the Asuncion, ending the day with a procession back to the Hermitage.

This festival is marked by the Medieval Market, located on the plaza of the Church of the Asunción and has a variety of positions with numerous craft products set in medieval times. This is complemented with rides and activities for children and adults, dance, characters of the time and music.

Celebrations in Agramón

The festivities in honor of San Joaquin, pattern Agramón, the previous weekend held at 20 August, where the floats are very prominent and closures.

Importantly it Easter, hellinera hamlet being more participation drummers after the urban core, with its typical purple robes.

Another recommended act is the Pilgrimage to San Isidro, in the month of May, with its traditional procession.

Celebrations in Isso

The people celebrate their festivals Isso the 25 July in honor of its patron, Santiago Apóstol, confinements with typical and traditional trucks. Notably, the popular folk group Danzantes of Isso with its ancient religious dances-warrior.