Photos: Antonio Callejas Gallar.

Water is the axis that the geography of the town of Hellin and gives it its character and uniqueness that makes it unique: two rivers and three large reservoirs. In this journey of Water Route, we will highlight the sites of special interest and access to the best banks of Riverworld, either to walk around them, take a bath, fish, snack on poplars, and so on.

Bridges of Isso

We started talking about the Bridges of Isso, Romans traditionally considered, They are a must stop for travelers, since combined in a single point as different aspects such as scenic beauty, history and art. This is a very unique set with natural beach and, also, offers the possibility of water activities such as canoeing.

To reach them, CM-412 take the road from Hellin towards Elche, and about 3 km after passing Isso, take a path on the left. After crossing the bridge over the Rio Mundo, he turns back to the left onto a forest trail that will take us to the place.

Marsh Cliques. Photo: Antonio Callejas Gallar.

Artificial Waterfalls

From the hamlet of Isso it comes to artificial waterfalls Rio Mundo, Santo Domingo calls Dam and Dam Tabizna, respectively. The road that connects through fertile valleys of great beauty.

Bridge Agramón

This is an interesting enclave, both as a starting point for coastal walks as bathrooms in artificial beach meadow.

Tail Swamp

It is the gateway to the Mundo River Reservoir Camarillas. It is a path that starts from the road linking Agramón with Minas and enters the left bank of the river to the swamp where the beaches, besides fishing, you can swim.

Camarillas Beach

It consists of a large natural beach at the foot of Poblado Cliques, situated in a beautiful natural setting of pine and tamarisk.

Make this Bike Trail

The tour Tail Swamp Camarillas suggest doing BTT, through the huge poplar and beautiful places with very specific vegetation.