En la ruta Casas con Memoria, el visitante podrá conocer las most historic houses Hellin and the famous people that dwelt, discover a city full of architectural details and historical data of great interest.

The itinerary, beginning at the Plaza of the Franciscans against Salazar's House, consists of sixteen points of interest, corresponding to a total of eighteen different dwellings. Most of these were built during the XVII, XVIII and XIX and present, and general, an architectural style popular, although the eclectic style can be found in houses like the last inhabited by local architect Justo Millán o en el Cultural Casino, both located in the Rabal.

Note that many of these buildings, due to its size, have now been converted into places of public interest, as the Local Museum, the House of Culture located in the old Convent of Santa Clara, o el Museo de Semana Santa construido sobre la Count's House.

In addition to the history of each house and its inhabitants, visitors can see different details on doors and windows of the facades, así como disfrutar de la elaborada rejería del siglo XVIII existente en gran parte de los balcones de las viviendas y de calles emblemáticas de la ciudad como el Rabal, Perier, The Portalí, Costs of the Caños and Juan Martinez Parras.

These, definitely, one of the historical tours that allow visitors Hellin know in more detail the work of Justo Millán Espinosa, Local architect who reached professional maturity in the neighboring region of Murcia. In the city Hellinera, with respect to this route, se podrá contemplar su obra a través de la vivienda que habitó situada en la calle Juan Martínez Parras, Rabal house in which he died, la portada de la antigua Iglesia del Convento de Santa Clara y la Casa Lillo.

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