Si, also enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the town, the traveler wants to take advantage of the possibilities offered by these sites, There are numerous options sports and adventure in Hellin, to experience nature and the area further through activities such as water sports in the rivers and swamps, specialized trades or scenario paintball wars perfectly designed.

Ruta en kayak

GAIA Deporte y Aventura es una empresa que se dedica, entre otras cosas, a actividades outdoor y deportes de aventura para inundar de felicidad e ilusión a todos los aventureros/as que se atrevan a vivir una experiencia única de aventura.

Una de sus actividades es la práctica de piragüismo o kayak. The kayak route lasts half a day,,es,According to the level of the group and the conditions of the day,,es,the descent of the river is made and then the swamp of the Camarillas is crossed or only the complete return to the swamp is made,,es,Juan Andujar Balsalobre Street,,es,Tactical Paintball S.L,,en; se queda con el grupo sobre las 09:00h o 09:30h en Agramón y se termina a la hora de comer. Según el nivel del grupo y las condiciones del día, se hace el descenso del río y luego se cruza el pantano del Camarillas o sólo se hace la vuelta completa al pantano. La actividad incluye:

  • Guía
  • Material (kayak, remo, chaleco)
  • Detalle conmemorativo
  • Seguro accidentes
  • Pequeño pic-nic al finalizar la actividad
Ruta Kayak

Ruta en kayak

Office address: Calle Juan Andujar Balsalobre, 3, 02400 Hellin, Albacete.

Phone: 664 191 969



Price: 30€ (niños de 5 a 8 años 15€). Grupo mínimo de 4 people.


Tactical Paintball is a company of leisure time devoted to the activities of Paintball, sport in which participants use compressed air guns called marker to shoot small balls of paint the other players.

This company has designed five spaces in Isso a total of 10.000 square feet in which to develop the activity. The rent includes gloves, mask, mono protector and marker unlimited air itself. Tactical Paintball team can organize activities and incentives for groups and companies, and moves to conduct the games in the place decided by the customer.

Office address: Tactical Paintball S.L. Direccion oficinas: C/ Emilio Macabich 16, piso 2 puerta 3. 30150. La Alberca (Murcia)

Phone: 659 12 55 77 (Available for WhatsApp).



Mornings: of 10:00 a 14:00 hours.

Afternoon classes: of 16:00 a 21:00 hours.

Price: 25 € (for a minimum of 8 people, including 100 balls).

Tactical paintball

Excursions and Tours, and school holiday camps

The company is a company dedicated to the management of leisure and free time in the Region Campos de Hellin with a firm commitment promotion of educational tourism. The organization is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of people with the common goal of spreading the values ​​of respect and preservation of the natural and artistic. From The Escarihuela, educational and interpretive center, pluck six tourist routes, accompanied by workshops and educational activities that help participants to assimilate all the theoretical knowledge in a safe environment.

Its activities include conducting excursions, camps, tourist routes, School holidays, events, rural housing, tourism projects and business advice.


Street address: Road Minateda, s/n. Agramón (Hellin, Albacete). Departures 69 and 75 of the A-30 (Albacete-Murcia).

Phone: 967 32 02 03 / 620 54 63 49.



Triathlon Valley Agramón


Phone: 647 46 74 90.


Price inscription: 20 € to current license holders and 28 € for non-federal.

The Triathlon Valley Agramón “Town Hellin” It is a competition organized by the Club Triatlón Hellín and the town of Hellin, and shown as a fully consolidated as evidenced by the fact of having eleven editions and more than three hundred participants each year event. It is celebrated during the month of August and triathletes, which can be both men and women, will travel the following distances: sprint 750 m swim, 20 miles also reap the and 5 km race walk. Also, triathlon organization offers accommodation, campground, locker rooms and showers, wardrobe, buses to transport runners to the swamp, trucks to transport bicycles, and a popular dinner at the end of the competition.

Sports and Sports Facility

In the town of Hellin there is a lot of teams and partnerships that span a wide range of sports:

  • Football: the main equipment of the municipality are Hellin Deportivo and Isso CF.
  • Basketball: represented by ADB Hellin, who reads military EBA league.
  • Volleyball: It is one of the most iconic sports Hellin and most satisfying has given the city, since in 1980, Youth Volleyball Club Hellin was proclaimed Champion of Spain.
  • Fishing: Grouping swamp Pescadores Talave.
  • Hunting: Hunters Association Hellin.
  • Colombicultura: Colombicultura Association of San Rafael.
  • Colombofilia: Club Colombófilo Alas Hellineras.