Local Museum

Within Hellin museums, should be noted especially Local Museum (temporarily closed, pieces in period of transfer to the future MUSS) it is located in an old manor house modernist, dated between the late nineteenth century and the first quarter of the twentieth century. It should be noted the carved wooden door by Sebastian Guillen showing two heads of male characters with various floral motifs. Access is through a wrought iron gate with appliques and modernist also be regarded as a single piece in Hellin.

The museum is organized three floors: on the ground floor is the living temporary exhibitions and audiovisual; The first floor is dedicated entirely to the archeology, where you can see remnants of several sites ranging from the Lower Paleolithic to Hispano-Muslim era; and the second floor is dedicated entirely to the ethnography, where various objects are shown corresponding to the transformation of esparto, which constituted one of the fundamental activities of Hellin and a collection of folk pottery.

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Museum of Contemporary Art

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Castilla la Mancha born to hand Fernando Cantero Picornell foundation and in collaboration with Heritage, Museographic aid initiatives and the Ministry of Culture in 2003.

It has a collection of contemporary painting including works by local artists and its founder, Fernando Picornell, pudiendo destacar obras de prestigiosos artistas como las de la familia Palmero, Antonio López García, Agustín Ibarrola, Antonio Saura, A. Losada, etc.

Besides the pictorial exhibition, Its rooms are arranged different activities as conferences, workshops and exhibitions of painting and sculpture.

Location: By. Castilla-La Mancha, 24.
Phone: 967 30 22 64.
Hours: Arrange a visit.
Rate: Free admission.

House Museum Pajara

The Museum "Caramelos de Hellín" It is located in the old worker of the candy factory "The Pájara", building dating from the thirteenth century. Located in the heart of Old Town, Museum visitors can enjoy a stroll through the history of the fanufacture handmade candies of Hellín, through the different sections in which it is divided: Genealogy, Machine evolution, labeled, molds, etc.

It also has old photographs showing how they were made the handmade candies, the changes and the introduction of machinery, preserving original documents Trademark and patent.

Location: Assumption Street, 8.
Phone: 669 41 28 77.
Hours: Arrange a visit.
Rate: Free admission.

Museo Taurino

It was founded in 1974 by Rafael López Morales “Cañamón” by nineteenth century building opposite the Railway Station Hellin. Al Museo Taurino several ceramic samples of the seventeenth Hellin accessed via a courtyard there, XVIII y XIX, representations as the shield of the city, allegory the patron San Rafael and other details of religious.

Consists of five rooms covering various materials from 1862, as pictures, posters, Reviews and Photos. As we review the salient elements of the bullfighting lithographs magazine “El Ruedo”, the tiles of Goya bullfighting, a model of the Bullring and Hellin Photo not only dedicated to bullfighting but history in general Hellin.

Location: Walk Station, 26.
Phone: 967 30 13 54.
Hours: Arrange a visit.
Rate : Free admission.