The normativa en materia de publicidad y gestión del consentimiento para la utilización de cookies, píxeles u otros elementos de almacenamiento de información conlleva la obligación de los sitios web a adaptarse a la nueva normativa sobre cookies de la Law 34/2002, services of information society and electronic commerce.

The discharge of such elements, include the ability to collect information from the user's activity and has implications regarding privacy.

Thus, the new legislation imposes an obligation to obtain informed consent of users to accept the use of cookies on websites.

What is a cookie?

Las Cookies pequeñso files are downloaded to your computer when you browse websites.

Estas Cookies son enviadas por páginas web y son almacenadas y administradas por los navegadores de Internet. They are commonly used to store relevant user information from one page, for example to differentiate users, to identify themselves as a legitimate user or to store items that are worn on the virtual shopping cart. They can also be used to store preferences of a user of a page, such as presentation styles.

This information is used by Web sites to “remember” what the user has been doing, so that there is consistency between what happens from one page to another. Sin Cookies, each page would be independent of the other, and it would be impossible to interrelated processes in a sequence of pages.

Why they are important?

They have a very important role in the development of web sites and other services function used in creating web pages, blogs, Forums, etc

Entre otras funciones están las que facilitan la navegación del usuario y ofrecen una publicidad basada en ocasiones en los hábitos de navegación, monitoring visits, credential recognition to tailor personalized content or simple authorization to identify these Web sites.

What types of cookies using this website?

Here these cookies are used:

  • Cookies analíticas: They are those who collect statistics, el caso más conocido y extendido puede ser la implementación de Google Analytics cookies generadas por el script de seguimiento de Google Analytics.
  • Cookies or social media "networks": Facebook, Twitter and other social networks know who you need to work properly

How I can configure on my browser or block?

All browsers allow changes that enable disable cookies setting. These settings are located in the "Options" or "Preferences" menu of your browser.
Then you leave the links with instructions for different browsers where you will see how to disable cookies.

Notwithstanding, recuerda que inhabilitar cookies implica losing functionality en muchos sitios web.

If you do not want to be tracked by cookies, Google ha desarrollado un complemento para instalar en su navegador al que puede acceder on the following link.

What if cookies are disabled?

En el caso de bloquear o no aceptar la instalación de cookies es posible que ciertos servicios ofrecidos por la web que necesitan su uso queden deshabilitados y, thus, are not available to you so you can not take full advantage of everything the web and applications are offered. It is also possible that the performance of the web may decrease.

Updates to Cookie Policy

This site may modify this Policy Cookies based on legislative requirements, regulations, or in order to adapt the policy to instructions given by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, so users who visit regularly are advised.