Photo: Caramels and Nougat The Elisa.

Typical products Hellin refer especially to food and crafts of the locality. The olive oil which is produced in mills Hellin is a high quality product, often awarded with the Gold Medal for best oil of Castilla-La Mancha. The wines, belonging to Jumilla, They are also one of the featured products and are a good choice for gifts by visitors.

We can not forget to include among the typical products Rice “Bomba”, considered one of the best in the world and is grown in paddy fields of our vegas. The embedded and cheese They are ideal to accompany the delicious rosemary honey set out in hives from the mountains of the area and is available in pure.

But the product of the city is the caramel, namely Congress, along with other sweets like sugared almonds or nougats. In Hellin families are engaged in their manufacture for centuries, being Elisa and Pajara dos de las marcas más conocidas fuera de nuestra ciudad. The best known are the white cylindrical candies of different flavors wrapped in red paper and, which are made from a paste composed of water based, sugar and a core. Meanwhile, the Congress candies, compounds for water, honey and egg yolk, are named after the fame they acquired when D. Juan Martinez Parras, Hellin and deputy mayor, decided to take them to the Congress of Deputies.

Congress candies. Photo: Caramels and Nougat The Elisa.

Finally, regarding the food products is concerned, recommend testing the chips Rodas that are made by craftsmen; the dumplings with potato, Tuna, tomato and egg; the milhoja rolls; the ham cakes; and the sweet loaves and mojete, made especially at Easter.

Drums craftsmen. Photo: Navarro Drums.

On the other hand, craftsmanship highlighted by the work in esparto, blue and white ceramic, and drums. For the preparation of the latter, there are great craftsmen who are devoted to it throughout the year, but increase their production in the months before Easter. Among the articles of straw baskets can be found, decorative elements, cachuleras or bags to catch snails, etc., although currently there are very few people involved in this. And finally, with respect to the ceramic, it comes with Moorish tiles appearance and functional simplicity: Round sources, plates of different sizes, Steins, spice and a barber's basin.