We will be back

Celia went to see her father in the United States. Now can't come back. Marta, his mother, will do everything he can to meet her in Hellín, but it won't be easy, the global pandemic continues to hit the entire planet hard.

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“WE WILL BE BACK” is a transmedia awareness and communication project produced by Prosonarte, starring Teresa Ases and Carla Apolonio, and directed by Ismael Olivares
CHAPTER 1: Mother

I am Marta Vera. My daughter Celia left a few months ago to visit my ex-husband in the United States.. Now can't come back. The pandemic is everywhere and she is very fragile. I just want to have her back in Hellin, next to me. And I will do my best to get you back, safe and sound. WE WILL BE BACK.

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