New route this Saturday 11 July at 10:00 hours. Hellín Tourism invites you to participate in this leisure and safety experience. It is a guided walk from the Church square to the Franciscan Convent. Limited to 20 people with security measures and registration through the form that can be accessed by pressing the following button.
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Old Town Route 11 July 2020


Celia went to see her father in the United States. Now can't come back. Marta, his mother, will do everything he can to meet her in Hellín, but it won't be easy, the global pandemic continues to hit the entire planet hard.

Chapter 1: Mother

Chapter 2: Isabel

Chapter 3: Adrian

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Cañada Agra

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Campos de Hellín

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Archaeological park,es – Tolmo of Minateda


Lunes a sábado de 10:00h a 14:00h y tardes según demanda.
Lunes a Viernes: 8:00h-14:30h (Visitas en grupo bajo demanda)
Miércoles y Sábados: 17:00h-21:00h
Saturday and Sunday: 11:00h-14:00h (Sábados tarde de 17:00-21.00h)
Mañanas: Lunes a sábado de 10:30h a 13:30h
Tardes: Lunes a viernes de 17:00h a 19:00h

Did you know?

“The cave paintings are over Minateda 600 reasons grouped, either individually or in scenes, both animal and human figures.”
“The archaeological park Minateda Tolmo picks cultural events ranging from the Bronze Age until the second half of the twentieth century”
“The Tamborada Hellin is the only in Spain that has the declaration of International Tourist Interest”
“Volcanic Cancarix Python is a spectacular volcanic vent Natural Monument”
“The Saladares Agramón represent a unique place as one of the few in the peninsula and European”
“Reservoirs of Cliques, Talave Cenajo and constitute a stunning setting for the practice of fishing and water activities”
“The suit is unique in Spain hellinera, since it is not a national costume but is unique and exclusive to the city of Hellin”
“In the Arboretum Isso we can find more 200 species of trees and shrubs from around the world”