BIC logo in BICi
BIC at BICi is an initiative of @HellinEnBici and the Hellín Old Town Platform.

What is it about?

The proposal offers tools so that anyone can visit the old town of Hellín by bicycle, freely or through guided tours. The play on words refers to the fact that the Old Town has the declaration of Asset of Cultural Interest and there are many ways to enjoy it, also on a bike ride.
It is also part of a larger project to promote the use of bicycles to travel around the municipality. By promoting active mobility, sustainable, and the development of a cycling strategy.

What is the OBJETIVE?

The aim of this project is to make available to citizens, locals or tourists, a signposting that will indicate in advance the degree of difficulty that they may perceive when traveling through the streets of the Old Town. People, who usually tends to think that it is impossible to ride a bike in the helmet, because it's full of stairs, you will be surprised when you see that there are many streets that are perfectly accessible and cyclable (the 70% without difficulties).

We are going to propose a route of practically six kilometers, strolling through the old part of Hellín.


BIC street map at BICi