The City Council of Hellín and the Regulatory Council of the DOP Jumilla wine will incentivize distributors and hoteliers to promote the consumption of this product from the land

Hellín and Jumilla. 14 May 2020.- The Councilor for Commerce of the City of Hellín, María Jesús López, and the president of the Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Jumilla, Silvano García, They have appeared at a joint telematic press conference from the two localities to sign the agreement between both entities and by which the DOP Jumilla is integrated into the local Hellín campaign # EnHellínLaPrimeraLaPagoYo. Through the motto # HellínBrindaConJumilla, the regulatory council will encourage distribution to the hospitality industry and consumption among customers of Jumilla wines as a member municipality of the Denomination of Origin.

The President of the Regulatory Council stated in the first place that "within our capabilities, the Jumilla PDO wineries want to highlight that Hellín is a Designation of Origin and that in Hellín ordering a Jumilla is an act of support for agriculture and local trade. Since we can't hug, we will unite by toasts, and that is why we want to ask Hellín to toast with Jumilla »

The objective of the # HellínBrindaConJumilla campaign aims to mobilize the city's consumers through feelings to consume the wines of their Protected Designation of Origin. "That is why we are already working with distributors and suppliers so that our hoteliers have DOP Jumilla wine and offer it to consumers", explained in turn the councilor hellinera of Commerce.

«To make Hellín a safe destination, and activity and consumption reappear strongly, it is essential that we have the support of a great brand such as DOP Jumilla, with wines that are very much extracted from more than a thousand hectares of vineyards in our city, reason why the consumer must have a clear perception that consuming Jumilla wine is consuming Hellin wine », added María Jesús López.

The campaign will consist of two parts, a first one in which the involvement of the Hellinero trade is requested and that they sign up for the campaign, encouraging hoteliers to offer Jumilla PDO wines and incorporate references into their menu. Regarding the objectives for the consumer, they will be encouraged to celebrate the return to the restaurants with a toast with wines from the PDO Jumilla in the most populated city of the PDO such as Hellín.

“They have been difficult times », Silvano García alleged, "In which we have missed our family, our friends and the people we love. Times when we long for our warmth. And now when the warmth of yours is what is most missed and a hug is worth more than ever we propose to establish a new way of contact and solve it with a toast. For this you only need a drink, the best of wishes and a good wine from the PDO Jumilla in Hellín. Choose your toast mates and toast with Jumilla!”.

Professionals will be explained that now that the blind is raised again and the door of their restaurant is opened, the cellar must be filled with good wines and good feelings.. «And since Hellín is part of this family, we can toast our wines with this # HellínBrindaConJumilla», in the words of the councilor.

#HellínBrindaconJumilla and # EnHellínLaPrimeraLaPagoYo

With these messages, Both the City Council of Hellín and the Dop Jumilla Wine Regulatory Council want to convey closeness, confidence and joy, consume local produce and also get excited. Both institutions will pay for the posters that have been created for the occasion and will also be responsible for carrying out the merchandising necessary.

«From the Regulatory Council we will start sending welcome packages (Welcome packs) of the Jumilla PDO for professionals who join the campaign, that will be online and offline, and it is also intended to create a community of consumers eager to celebrate and have fun with wine, while supporting the Hellín hotel sector with the Jumilla PDO, encouraging consumers to visit their restaurants and celebrate the return », the president of the Wines of Jumilla finished.

From now on you have to celebrate as much as possible.